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What is an ABACO?

It stands for "Acuerdo Básico de Acciones a Compra" (ABACO), the ABACO is an option contract between an investor and a startup that gives the investor the right, in exchange for a capital contribution, to become a shareholder of the startup in the future.

Avalancha Ventures designed the ABACO with and for its entrepreneurs and has published it in the public domain for the benefit of the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem. The ABACO operates under Mexican law.

What are its most important characteristics?

  • The startup and the investor keep record of a capital contribution in a simple and agile way.
  • The startup can obtain financing with different investors at different times, without altering the capital structure of the company in each financing.
  • The valuation of the startup is postponed until the moment when there is more evidence regarding the direction of the company and, therefore, it becomes a fair financing mechanism for both investors and entrepreneurs.
  • In accounting terms it qualifies within the capital accounts, which is consistent with the nature of the long-term investment.
  • It has no expiration date or interest rate, which takes pressure off the startup.
  • Keeps the startup´s capitalization table simple when the uncertainty regarding its success is still very high, significantly facilitating the tasks of a possible bankruptcy and / or liquidation process.
  • Significant legal savings, when using standard documentation.

Does the ABACO resemble a standard international document?

The ABACO is based on the SAFE of Y Combinator and the KISS of 500 Startups, which work for the United States market. The ABACO works and is designed for the mexican market.

Are there any other financing mechanisms for startups?

In addition to ABACO, the most widely used instruments are convertible notes and capital contributions through the sale of shares.

How do the different financing mechanisms compare?

Características ABACO Convertible Note Equity
Easy and agile documentation YES YES NO
Flexibility to obtain ongoing financing YES YES NO
Valuation is postponed in the future when there´s more information YES YES NO
Equity Instrument YES NO YES
The instrument has no expiration date YES NO YES
The instrument has no interest rate NO YES NO
Simple capitalization table for the startup YES YES NO
Minimization of legal costs YES YES NO
Investor is shareholder of the startup NO NO YES

Where can I download a standard version of ABACO?

You can find the standard ABACO document here. The last update was made in August 2017.


If you have comments or improvements, contact us at info@avalancha.ventures.

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